Angular dimension


How to show an angular dimension in SU 2016 Make?


There is no native tool for angular Dimensions (as this is more of a “paper space” function, you CAN do it in native LayOut).

However, there are Extensions that will give you this ability. Dimension Tools has an angle dimension.


And there is “Angular Dimension” from @slbaumgartner (win, mac).


Hi folks.

Dimension Tools doesn’t seem to work with SU 2016.

It works with SU 2015 but the second button from the left (Dim Face) doesn’t seem to do anything. Also, with SU 2015, the Tool Palette don’t stain put on the screen after closing SU. Each time I restart SU, I have to go to View menu --> Tool Palettes --> Dimension Tools to make it visible.

Best regards.