Trouble finding Angular dimension tool SU2018

found an advanced dimension tool in Extension Warehouse but when I try to download a warning populates stating its not compatible with 2018 skp.

I simply need a way to dim angles in my drawings.

Thanks in advance!

I’d use LayOut for dimensioning instead. It has an angular dimension tool and it’s much easier to get angluar and linear dimensions to look the same. For example:

If you have to do it in SketchUp, use Angular Dimensions from Sketchucation.

Is the “advanced dimension tool” in Extension Warehouse this one? If so, it does say it’s compatible with 2013, 2014, and 2015 but it might work in 2018. You could try it.

Ok, I’ll try both - thank you Dave.

There’s an updated version of the Angular Dimension tool on SketchUcation that DaveR referred to above:

Instead of using just a Text label for the angle “This version places the dimension text in the plane of the dimensioned vertex. It works in all versions >= 2013 and (with minor problems) in SU v8M2 as well. Now multi-lingual. Updated for SU2019 2019-02-08”

Hope you find it useful

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