How to show diameter and angle dimensions

Hi everybody.

I’m doing the following exercise:

This is my file: solid06.skp (50.5 KB)

I have trouble showing the diameters and the angles radius.
I’d like to get a result like this:


But this is what I’ve got so far:

I’ve been looking about questions related to how to show angles radius on this forum and this is what I found, it belongs to 2014, is it still the main way?

To show the diameter of a circle I realized I can draw a new circle overlapping the shape and then show its dimension (diameter), then I can delete it. But it’s still not how it looks on the reference picture, I know it was made with another program, I just wonder if there is some way to get the same presentation or a very similar one.


PS: Always I attach a picture on this forum it’ss shown bigger than I expected, some way to solve it?

Thanks in advance.

First, if you want to show a diameter instead of a radius, right click on the dimensions and select Type>Diameter.

As for the Angular Dimension icon, read the thread you linked to. the icon being referred to there is in LayOut, not in SketchUp.

There’s at least one Angular dimension extension available for SketchUp from Sketchucation.

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Thank you so much mate.

I think it works better if I explode the group (my bad), because otherwise it wasn’t letting me show the radius. Good to know I can change between radius and diameter.

Just to make clear I’m not as lazy as I can look, I read the thread I linked, but as I said, it’s from 2014, I wasn’t sure if things are different now, I understood Angular Dimension is a tool that belongs to Layout, I understood layout it’s available on PRO version, and I understood there was a plugin. I was asking if that’s still my best choice in August 2017 :slight_smile:

Besides, there is a quote at the end which says:
“The plugin gives us a drawn arc (which shows as an ugly dark profile line) with leader text pointing at it. Completely non-standard. Also, it has the disadvantage of not being associative.”

Thank you.

Since that time, John McClenahan and I reworked the extension to a new version that better handles the standard notation issue. Have a look at Angular Dimension 2, available from the SketchUcation store.

Our angular dimensions are still non-associative: they remain static annotation. We could not find a reliable way to track angles across all the ways that a user can edit a model, and concluded it is better to just erase the previous angle (it is a group) and redraw it. I must point out that the angular dimensions in Layout are also non-associative, probably due to the same limitations.

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@slbaumgartner Thank you for keeping me up to date.
I thank you both (you and John) the work on that extension.
I will try it :wink:

You don’t need to do that. Opening the group for editing is enough. Draw your dimension in the context of the group.

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Thank you john, I supposed it was possible to do it inside the group, but like it was only an exercise I was doing for fun I didn’t need to do a group or I could convert it into a group later.

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