Angle dimension tool plug in

Does anyone have a suggestion for a simple and effective 'angle dimension tool plug in for Sketchup? I can’t seem to find one that doesn’t want me to open an account and pay by the month for just one simple plugin.
Also, I know that I can do this in Layout, but to be honest, I find that my dimension’s accuracy need to be firstly proven in Sketchup where I can see the edge that I want up close and then I check for that accuracy in Layout when I am at the reporting stage. I just can’t find my way to trusting Layout’s dimension accuracy since it has proven to be erroneous if I accidentally grab the wrong edge etc since I can’t always see the edge that I want in Layout.

Angular Dimension 2 from Sketchucation would be the first choice.

It would be interesting to a see a model in which you find this problem of adding the angles in LayOut.

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Thanks Dave. Appreciate your assistance. I’ve downloaded that extension.
Next time I’m experiencing the issue I’m speaking of, I’ll be sure to document it and send it in this thread. I don’t think I have the energy for it right now lol.
Have a fabulous day.

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Good deal. Have a great weekend.


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