Why am I getting different measurement for the same line, at different scales?

This is at 1"-10’.
This is at 1/16"-1’.
Shouldn’t the program take into account the different scale settings and give me the same measurement?

Upload file.

test.layout (99.3 KB)
testSU.skp (106.8 KB)
Created in SU then sent to LO.

It’s because you have not left the Dimensions set to Auto Scale. You have fixed the scale at 1:120 and it becomes a scaled paper space dimension

Leave the Dimensions set to Auto scale and the dimension will be correct at whatever scale you set the model viewport.

Correctly set.

For what it’s worth, if you’ve created your SketchUp model at real world dimensions, there’s no reason at all to deselect Auto in the Dimension Style panel. The only reason to turn off Auto would be to dimension LayOut drawing entities that were created without using Scaled Drawing.

Working now, Thanks for the help and the knowledge.