LayOut - can I have different scale viewports on one LayOut page?

I have a very small project that only needs one 24x36 page with multiple view ports. The Question I have is can each one of those view ports be a different scale? Such as 1:20, 1/4" = 1’-0", 1/8" = 1’-0". etc.

Yes. You can select a different scale for each viewport. Select the viewport and choose the scale either in the right click Context menu or in the SketchUp model panel.

Make sure each viewport is connected to a specific scene in the SketchUp model and don’t modify the Camera properties which would result in a Reset button being displayed.

What version of SketchUp are you using? What is the operating system on your computer? What is the graphics card? You wrote “Designer” for the graphics card but that’s not correct.

Sketchup 2022, Nvidia graphics card, Windows.

My issues in the dimensioning as the wrong measurement displayed, despite setting the scale, hence my question.

Appreciate your input.

John Hamilton

Can you share the LayOut file? There’s no reason the dimensions shouldn’t be correct for each viewport. My guess is you’ve turned off Auto Scale for the dimensions.

Please edit your forum profile and add that information. It helps us help you.

Hi John, you can also force dimension scale in the dimension tray.

Thanks Nick – that was the answer.

John M. Hamilton

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You shouldn’t need to force the scale of the dimensions if you are anchoring the dimensions to the model, though. Here’s a quick example I made using copies of the same scene at different scales. All of the dimensions were placed with Auto Scale turned on.

Nick Sonder suggested the Auto Scale function, which I had never used before despite being a long time SketchUp user. It worked. Now I have another arrow in my quiver.

Thanks for all your input.

John M. Hamilton

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Forcing the dimension scale in the dimension tray requires setting the scale to match the scale of the viewport. You shouldn’t need to do that if you are anchoring the dimensions to the model.

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I tend to force scale quite often. I’ve had issues updating plans where the dimension detaches. If you don’t notice it, an 8’ dim. can accidentally read as 2”. I only do that in a template where I know what the scale needs to be.

I don’t often have different scales within a drawing type though. If you are having multiple scaled viewports on a single page, then auto is the way to go.


I guess I haven’t had any issues except when I’ve changed the PIDs in the model during editing but then I know when that occurs so then I know to check those dimensions. Maybe I’m just holding my mouth right.