Hello all !

i have started a new layout for my plans and normally when i insert my sketchup into my LO , i can have a preview of my view … but this one is blank… after that i right click to choose my scene , and when i have choose my scale and want to resize the view , the whole view is resizing even if i checked the box keep the scale when resizing…


Share your LayOut file so we can see exactly what you’ve got set up.

The first viewport I looked at is this one. The box for Preserve Scale on Resize is unticked. This means the scale of the viewport will change when the viewport is resized.

With that tick box checked, the scale does not change when the viewport is resized.

You’ve also modified the Camera properties which overrides the scenes properties. This can create trouble for you later when you need to make updates to the Sketchup model. It appears you doubled clicked into the viewport to zoom in on the model. Here I’ve Reset the Camera properties.

There’s no need to open the viewport. Just select the viewport and set the scale as desired. I’ve done that here. Note there’s no Reset button in the SketchUp Model panel. This maintains the link from the SketchUp model.

OK , thank you Dave , but i still don’t understand why now i have this problem , before everything was normal . see the link bellow how i insert a sketchup file in my LO.


I wonder if that has to do with a weird Scale bug on Mac that grays out the scales list. Perhaps @adam would have some insight.