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I have 3D model scene in layout. I am trying to scale it up, make it bigger on the page. There is no scale to it like an elevation as it is a perspective view.
When I unclick ‘preserve scale on resizing’ the model in the viewport jump to a really small image.
I try and tighten the viewport boundary around the scene but it keep getting smaller.
I then click preserve scale on resizing and stretch it as big as I can go. Then unclick ‘preserve scale on resizing’ and try and shrink the view back to the page size. But the image get smaller.
So I cannot get it big enough on the page.

So why do the scene jump to a smaller size when I Unclick preserve scale on resizing!!!

This is very BUGY!


Yes. Your procedure is very buggy indeed.

Try starting over. Go to SketchUp and make sure the model fills the drawing window and update the scene (or create a scene for the view if you didn’t do that before) and save the change. In LayOut, update the reference and select the scene in the SketchUp Model window. If you need to make the viewport larger, drag the corners or edges of the viewport as needed. Before resizing the viewport, make sure Preserve scale is NOT checked.


Thanks for your reply. Actually I did all these steps.
What made the difference was to Unclick ‘Presever Scale’ BEFORE bring the scene in. Now that works.

Thanks again.


It shouldn’t matter whether you unclick Preserve Scale or not but you should have your template set up so it is unticked normally. It will automatically be ticked for Parallel Projected scenes after you set a scale.


I just about had it the right size an unclicked the Preserves Scale (because I need to shrink scene to the page) and the model scene jumps back to a tiny image.
Same problem again. So then I tighten the viewport boundaries on the tiny scene and click preserve scale and the scene goes even small again.
This totally ridiculous…how can this be


Upload the LO file. You are apparently skipping a step.


I now have it sized right.
But when I have it nearly the right size and unclick the Presever Scale, then it jumps back to a more scene image… why is that?


Because you are telling LayOut you don’t want to preserve the scale anymore. Leave Preserve Scale checked if you don’t want it to change.


Yes but then I go to resize the viewport and the image is to big for the page…or too small.
So then I unclick Preserve scale and the scene is then tiny…
So then i tighten the boundaries and the model get smaller again.

Anyway there seems to be a problem here for something so simple.

Thanks again need to move …till next time as this happen often.


Yes. You aren’t doing the resizing correctly. Share the LO file so I can see what you’ve got.

FWIW, I’ve done hundreds of LayOut projects and never had this sort of thing you are having so I know it’s not a problem with LayOut.


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