Turning off "Preserve Scale on Resize" should keep view of the model and scale

If we setup a viewport and tick the “Preserve scale on resize” box, current view of the model and scale are preserved.

If we setup a preset scale, the “Preserve scale on resize” box get’s active by default wich is good. If we untick the box, current view and scale of the model are preserved and we can scale the model and viewport as if they are connected.

However, if we setup a preset scale, or if we tick the “Preserve scale on resize box”, and then adjust the framing of the model, as soon as we untick the box we loose model position on the viewport and even scale.

They should be kept.

I have wasted a great deal of time with the “Preserve Scale on Resize”. No matter how it is set, it seems to have a mind of its own and keeps shrinking the scene in the viewport. What am I not understanding about this setting?

Share your LO file so we can see what you’ve got going on.

What version of SketchUp, what operating system? What graphics card? “Architecture” isn’t a graphics card.

Dave, thanks for your help. As requested, I tried to upload one of the drawings that I was having the problem with, but I kept getting warnings that it was too big to send. I am suspicious that I am not using the command properly, rather than a glitch in the program. The project I am working on now is very large and the response time in Layout is quite slow. I might not be giving it enough time to respond. I have noticed this problem often when I try to copy a window to create another.

This thread is revived after four years. There was a change in 2018, I believe, that dealt with ‘last saved view’. When you save a SketchUp file, the camera position and view is saved.
Sometimes, you end with a scene, save and go back to layout to update the model and it looks as if the viewport has the right scene while it is actually set to ‘last saved view’

A future save in SketchUp with a different endview will definitely screw things up in LayOut, especially when switched to parallel.

If you wanna have control, be sure to set up scenes correctly in SketchUp and refer to those in LayOut.

It won’t hurt to practice some routine while saving a file, when modeling, I tend to hit ‘Cmd S’ when I did something good, but when I close the file, I always try to setup an ‘endview’ and the hit save one more time.
Preview’s, Component Panel and uploads to the 3D Warehouse all rely on that last view. And LayOut

This bug has always driven me insane. When you uncheck “Preserve scale…” the viewport should stay exactly as it is. Instead it spontaneously changes to some other random scale. This makes fine-tuning the proportions and layout of perspective model views nearly impossible without a huge amount of frustration.

It seems like this glitch really ruins the function it would seem its there to protect.

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