Layout 2023 Preserve Scale turned on by default

In previous versions of SU, when a model is exported to Layout, the SketchUp Model tray shows “Preserve Scale on Resize” default. I could scroll through my various pages of the model and zoom in or out to where I liked the view and it would stay where I left it.

In the 2023 version of Layout, “Preserve Scale” is checked by default. Now, I have to uncheck Preserve Scale on EVERY page to allow me to zoom and scale the page as I want it. A very big hassle when there are 20-30 pages that have to be adjusted to the view I want. Typically, I will click on a page, double click in the view window and it scales to the view I created in the SU model. Now, I have to uncheck Preserve Scale before each adjustment, and it has slowed the process of getting the model into paper space.

There should be an option to turn Preserve Scale off by default or, leave it of like it was in previous versions. Major pain!

Is it possible you have saved a template that way?
I don’t have that issue.

I’m not seeing Preserve Scale automatically checked in LO2023. It doesn’t automatically get checked until I set a scale. Exact same behavior as in previous versions.

If it’s checked for the first viewport and then the viewport is copied or the page is duplicated, those subsequent viewports would have Precerve Scale checked, too.

Could also be set up in a template if you have a proxy SketchUp file as part of it.

It’s not good practice to click into the viewport to zoom in LayOut. It disconnects the viewport’s Camera properties from the model and creates other problems. Best would be to resize the viewport by dragging its edges or corners and if appropriate, set the Scale for Parallel Projection views. Leave the Camera Properties unmodified (no Reset button in that section of the SketchUp Model panel.)

Thanks @DaveR. I use a plugin that exports my SU model to Layout and the plugin was setting the scale. Previous versions of SU with the same plugin didn’t check the Preserve Scale option. SU2023 seems to have it checked when a scale is applied. I’ve resolved the issue by turning off the scale at the SU side when the plugin exports to Layout.

I’m marking this resolved.

Can anyone identify where I’m going wrong with this?

Layout window to sketchup changing scale following an update inside sketch up, see images below:


Share the LayOut file.

Yip client of mine is having alot of this - I have reported it

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Drawing Template 2023 Test.layout (1.5 MB)

Did you update the scene when you made the change in SketchUp?

Hi DaveR

Yes I did. Update scene, save in SketchUp. Move to Layout, update model reference.

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When you updated the scene you also update the Camera position for the scene. So it would be expected that the model would appear to move in the viewport in LayOut. If you are only editing geometry in the model there’s no need to update the scene after doing so.

Look at the Properties to Save in the Scenes panel. The only reason to update the scene would be after making changes to any of those properties.

Hi DaveR,

I understand that updating the scene would update the camera position. You’re right, making a change to the model will not require a scene update.

Your original question, “Did you update the scene when you made the change in SketchUp?” was answered correctly, but I had not made any changes to the camera position or any of the properties in the scene panel prior to the update. The only change was to the model geometry, I was undertaking a test. Changing the geometry was my only variable.

The same issue has happened again on another job today. Again it only seemed to affect the perspective view.

Any ideas of a solution would be much appreciated.

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So you didn’t orbit or zoom in the model at all when you made the update to the scene?

Try doing what you were doing without updating the scene. I’ve done this several times in your SketchUp model with no problem. Hang tight. I’m making a video to demonstrate.

I’ll try again with the same test model. This time I’ll:

  1. Make a change to the model in Sketch Up.
  2. Save.
  3. Update model reference inside Layout.

Here you go. (14.6 MB)

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Same thing happened.

I’ll watch your video now.

Thanks for your video, I was expecting to get the results you described. I’m used to those predictable results from Sketch Up 2022. Since the update to 2023, the issue has started.

Is there an auto update viewport botton I may have missed?

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My demo was recorded in SU and LO 2023.

No. I opened your model from LayOut which makes LayOut watch for changes to the SketchUp model and update automatically. If you just open the SketchUp file directly then you need to update the reference either in Document Setup, by right clicking on a viewport and selecting Update Model Reference or by selecting the viewport and clicking on the Update button in the SketchUp Model panel.

FWIW, I’ve got a bunch of LayOut files now that were done or at least completed in LO 2023 and I’ve had no trouble at all with the camera moving during reference updates.

I just ran another experiment. I wanted to see if I only change the model geomentry and updated layout, would the viewport move again? The answer is no (see images 3. and 4.) I would expect the issue is something to do with Layout not accepting the dimension I gave the first viewport?

The layout template I used above is something I’ve been using for while.

It could be that I should remake the template so that after I have linked the Sketch Up model and updated the viewports, my viewport will act normally again next time I use the template.