Changing scale for drawings

I need to produce the same drawing but output different scaled drawings for different participants of the same project with out completely redrawing the work.
1/4 scale document to building review
1:10 scale for zoning
1/8 scale for customer

can this be done without creating three separate documents , I need all of my information to be fluid across the three documents… please help !!!

Did you make the drawing in SketchUp or in LayOut?

Best for your situation would be to create the drawing in SketchUp and set up a scene with a standard view and the camera set to Parallel Projection. Then use that scene for the three different scaled views. Depending on the required paper size you could create three different viewports using the same scene with each viewport at one of those scales. Or, if you need different paper sizes for each, you would make three different LO files. If you need to make changes to the drawing, you would do that in SketchUp, save the changes, update the reference in the LO file(s) and you’d be all set.

the model is in sketchup then inserted into layout. if I select the model it resizes with the scale tab but none of my label or dimension resize correctly .

Are you referring to the labels and dimension placed in LayOut? You would need to set those up after scaling the viewport. Create three viewports, one at each scale and set up your labels and dimensions for them to suit.

there is no way to just change the file without rebuilding? if I change any label I have to go to all three documents and change them individually ? thats an incredible time killer as well as a chance for inaccuracies isn’t it ? I feel like i am overlooking something simple.

thats my document in 1:10 . I need a copy in 1/4"

and here is the same with paper size changed

I select sketchup model and change dimension to 1/4 scale and I have this mess

There isn’t a way to do it short of scaling the exported PDF when you print it.

LayOut won’t scale the size of the text when you change the scale of the viewport. If the labels and dimensions are connected to the model, they will stay connected but the font size won’t change and the text positions will most likely be incorrect.

thank you Dave I appreciate your time. I got work to do then ,lol

Sorry it’s not better news. I think if you start out know what you have to do, it would be easier.

yes probably so . still seems like an oversite. I spent the money to get the program to “easily produce my documents” and now I have to do three times the work and be extra diligent to not miss any information for size to size,ugh

It would be nice if it would do it automatically but…

I regularly create multiple documents from the same model at different sizes but I’ve never actually wanted them to be exactly the same. On the larger ones I can do things I could manage on the smaller ones simply due to the size.

I do that as well , unfortunately this time it needs to be the same for the different end users to be able to print and such . customer cant print and travel with 2’ x 3’ paper,lol

So maybe you layout at the largest size and then scale the printing after exporting the PDF.

my problem there might be trying to go from 1:10 to 1/4 accurately … those to two scales are necessary

True dat.

Similar problem for me - viewport copies of a floor plan with dimensions reverted to page space measurement.
I hard-texted the dimensions by clicking into the text and replaced “<>” with numerals.
With that done, group all modified dims and copy/paste to a VP duplicate. Dimension once and break the link to the drawing, but preserve the values.
If a VP duplicate is rescaled, you can figure out the % of the rescale with some head scratching and trial and error. Then when you copy the dim group, it can be rescaled to the appropriate % by using the 1.000, 1.000 values that show up when you resize from the corners of a selected group/entity. Then move the group into best location with respect to the drawing.
Would love your feedback on this work-around.

If you let the dimension disconnect from the model they will become paper space dimensions.

I guess if it works for you that’s fine but it opens you up to a lot of work and potentially induced errors when the SketchUp model changes.

It would be useful to able to have the dimensions and labels move as the viewport is scaled. Maybe that will happen someday. Until then I still think it’s best in the long haul to invest a little time on the front, make the viewports at the required scales and then add dimensions to them making sure they are connected to the model. It might require a little more time up front but the potential savings later will probably outweigh that upfront “cost”.