Changing scale for drawings

Dave, Thanks for the experienced feed back. Rick

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You’re very welcome.

FWIW, I’ve seen enough cases where users have tried to take shortcuts in modeling or working in LayOut that have wound up costing them much more time than they saved when something about the project changed. Years ago I had the same problem and quickly came to the conclusion that shortcuts often aren’t. I’ve also seen plenty of situations where users have tried to make things work the way they think they should work only to make things harder for themselves. (This doesn’t only apply to software like SketchUp and LayOut. I’ve seen it with critical life support equipment where the problems tend to be much more attention-getting and with woodworking machines with spinny, gnashing teeth looking for soft fleshy bits.)

Best practice, I think is to use the tools they way they work best, look for ways to make your workflow smart and efficient within the framework of the tools, and make feature requests where appropriate.