Same measurements for all drawings


my goal: i wanna creat an PDF with different timber joints and different positions. Like this:

How is my work flow?

  1. I creat the timber joint in Sketchup. For each Scene i creat an different File (I Know i can make Scenes in Sketchup and set some Layers, but the different Files works for me better)
  2. I put each file into Layout and in Layout i put all the lines and dimesnions.
  3. I export it as Image with 800px width.
  4. I insert the Image in LibreOffice Writer.

The Problem:

After Insert the Images i have different Dimensions.

And yes: after inserting the timber joint from Sketchup to Layout i change the Dimension to 1,25;1,25:

But all files get the same change, but i have still a huge differenz.

I am a beginner and i am sure, that i am making something wrong. Please le me know how i can perform my workflow.

Thank you very much!!

From your screen shot, it appears you are using the wrong method to set the scale of the viewport. You should be making that setting in the SketchUp Model inspector window in the tray over on the right. Select the viewport and set the scale in the drop down list in the window.

Even if you are making a different SketchUp file for each joint, at least make a scene for the view you have set up. If you don’t and you ever have any reason to go back to edit the model, you will wreck the view of the model in the viewport. Also make sure you don’t do anything to make the viewport’s scene show as modified in the Scenes list in the SketchUp Model window.

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At first: thank you DaveR for your help. It is amazing, how you help us noobs.

I hope i understood all points.

Ok i set up the scene in Sketchup and i use th Sketchup Model Inspector:

But it looks very strange :-S

From your GIF, I don’t think you understood.

Set the view to show the model the way you want it in SketchUp and create a scene. If you want an ISO view in LayOut, create a scene to show it in SketchUp. If you want the 2D views as you showed in your original post, create those as scenes in SketchUp, too.

Once you have those scenes, send to LO and select the scene from the list. Do not click on the Ortho/Iso button.

Quick example. I created two scenes in SketchUp. The perspective view showing the joint assembled and disassembled makes one scene and the plan and elevation views show the other.

In LO, I made two viewports, one for each scene.

Yes, ISO does look strange when you are used to looking at things in a perspective view. I would use a perspective view of the timber since that represents what most people see. Then use 2D plan and elevation views for the dimensions.

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Ok thank you, amazing!

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