Resizing a Layout Document

OK… So… If I setup a drawing at a certain scale as a layout document, I have for example 45cm X 60cm paper size and 1:75 scale drawing. I then do all the dimensions, add text, and symbols etc … I cant decide to change the paper size and scale of the whole thing? I have to scale the model and then redo all the dimensions rescale all the text and symbols?

What version of SketchUp? Resizing viewports won’t change the scale. That has to be done in the SketchUp Model inspector window. Font size won’t change so you’ll probably need to edit the text and select a smaller font.

In LO 2017 dimensions that are anchored to the model will remain attached but you’r probably need to change the length of the extension lines.

If you just want to be able to print on smaller paper, you could export a PDF at the existing size and shrink it to fit the smaller paper when you print it.

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Thanks… yes i really dont like this about sketchup. I have my drawings all done… Tons of work. I selected a size of paper without much thought, assuming that I would be able to just resize everything , like you can do in other programs. Now I need the paper size smaller, which means I have to change the scale of the plans in the document and I am going to have to start over and redimension everything and change all the text etc etc… Usually I need to have the documents in more than one size. I dont have photoshop, so I am not able to resize the pdfs and I need to send digital files with the new size…

Unfortunately I think this is the crux of the problem.

Almost every project for which I use LayOut requires more than one document size. But, at least for my projects, there’s no way that simply changing the paper size and resizing all of the content would be adequate. If I start large and resize down, the content would be unreadable. Going the other way creates other problems so both documents have totally different layouts. To be honest, I don’t find it to be a big problem with my own projects.

You don’t need Photoshop to do that.

And as far a sending digital files, if the recipient needs to print them, you could let them print them to fit whatever paper they are using.

Dave, with software being what it is this request isn’t unreasonable. I would want to be able to mix / match different page sizes and resize pages if I feel the need for it.

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I didn’t say it’s unreasonable. The way LayOut works currently, choosing a paper size “without much thought” or doing anything without looking ahead a few steps creates extra work. It would be nice if you could change the paper size and have all of the page content change size with it but if you’re working on projects in LayOut today, you have to work with it as it is.

I have a question though. Suppose you want to go from A0 paper to A3 paper, how would LO know what scale to change the viewports to? If the scale is 1:10 on A0, is it appropriate to set the scale to 1:2.5 on the A3 paper? If the text on the A0 page is 16 pt., what size should it be on the A3 page? 4 pt.? What about arrowhead size? If this is a feature request, how do you see all this working?

Personally, I don’t necessarily want the viewports and scale to change as well, although that is what the OP refers to.

I want it too. It’s very useful. It’s a feature that exists in Layout already but doesn’t work right.

Even if you think well ahead it’s impossible to predict everything for documents with 20+pages.

Even if you split documents or have to erase dimensions it’s a pain to start over assembling double viewports and multiple sections or plans from scratch, to comply with changing scales.

So it would be very nice to have a viewport (or several) changing sizes and the scale of that viewport change accordingly.

Actually we have a “keep scale on resize” that we could untick and it should do the job. It doesn’t. If you untick that box your current view will be lost. So you won’t be able to scale the viewport and model at the same time.

That is not good. IMHO it’s a bug or a flaw in design and a nasty one.

It wouldn’t matter really that much in my opinion. If the user wants to scale a viewport and a model and the dimensions will go all over the place, it’s way better than not being able to do neither of those.

With dramatic scale changes the dimensioning job really needs to be reworked.

Also in some cases the dimensions, leaders and texts won’t fit, but in a lot of cases they will.

For instance changing from a 1:20 to a 1:25 scale isn’t dramatic. This small change of scales might allow us to fit what we want on a sheet of paper, for instance…

1:5, 1:2 1:1 scales are very flexible in what you can show or not and with current scaling methdod for model and viewport there’s a lot of trial and error.

If this was working it would save me days of work. Literally! I’ve been doing it all week while I could be doing other stuff with my hands and brain.

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