Changing Sheet size on a finshed set of drawings

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I have scrolled through the topics and cant find what I ma looking for…

I finished a set in 11x17… .client now wants it in 18 x 24…anyway to upsize the sheet maintain scale etc…

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You can change the paper size in File>Document Set Up. Everything on the page will remain at the original scale. You can spread things out over the new paper space as desired. The top left corner of the page is the references point so all the content will appear to be in the top left part of the sheet when you switch to the larger paper size.

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perfect thank you…and of course you knew this was coming … any quick way to up size the scale of everything?

Yes. I did. :wink:

You can select all and resize it but that won’t change font size for text and it’ll likely cause other issues if you have dimensions and such. Maybe it’ll work well enough for the content. Try it and see.

You should be able to resize text with it all selected. Exactly how you do it will depend on the operating system. Despite what your profile indicates, your computer must have an operating system as well as a graphics card.

Thank you for your assistance…

Any time.