Is there a way to change the scale of an entire set of plans in Layout

I just finished a drawing my house plans to fit on 11x17 paper using 1/8"=1’ scale on all my Sketchup Models, and I found out the city would prefer 24x36 paper and 1/4"=1’’ scale. Is there any to change the entire set of plans to the bigger scale, along with dimensioning and annotation text sizes?

Did you ever figure this out? I’ve been wondering the same thing for a long time. Thanks!

There isn’t a way. You have to resize/scale things manually.


And, too bad. I guess this is the most major drawback I’ve discovered using this system.

Yikes, yes this is a major drawback.

One possibility is to print from Layout to PDF. Use vector or hybrid mode for output to get the cleanest, scalable output. Then print the PDF using a scale factor of 2x (ie, 200%, not the default 100%).

Or scale up on a large format commercial photocopier.

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Didn’t you make your house model full size? Then you can take any scene and bring to Layout in any scale? You would have to fix the dimensions, but you could transfer all your notes over. What am I missing?

Is this still true as of today?
No way to numerically scale all (selected) elements at once, to get eg. from 1:100 to 1:50?

Nothing has changed.

What command do you use in Autocad to accomplish this task?


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There is no such command in AutoCad. You would have to change the scale for all the paperspace viewports, or, if the scale of the paperspace annotations etc. is not an issue, you can print to some other scale than 1:1.

When I was working as a designer (before SketchUp :wink: )I remember solving this problem by always keeping my drawing sets at modular scales. This worked particularly well when working in European standards (everything DIN is modular), but is also possible for US standard sheet sizes.

Our ‘official’ drawing sets were drafted (by hand. Yes, I’m that old) at Arch D size (24" x 36"). For convenient reference around the office, we would photo-reduce by 50% to a “half-size” set at 12" x 18". Notes, labels and dimensions survived the reduction with little loss of legibility.

My recommendation for doing the same thing in LayOut would be to build your sheets at whatever large size you prefer to use in the field, then use your system print dialog to print at 50% size for your own half-size sets where necessary.


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Have you asked the city codes and enforcement what they will accept vs. what they prefer;
Are all your plans in SU or did you convert to layout or?
SU does not under stand inches and feet but is a raster program and works in pixels in the display , graphics card, printer but you have not given any info to allow evaluation of exploring to a image processing program. The native res. of your display needs info and info on how much is allocated to margins, tool bars;
construction graphics processor means zero to me; no operating system, no native res and size. You can measure what tool bars allocation is required; what printer do you have, probably at least 300 dpi?