How do I change the scale of a document?

I’ve set up a new document in Layout that will print at A3. How do I change the scale of what I’m drawing within the document?

For instance, I would like to be able to set the scale so that 1cm on the document will equal 100cm (1:100) or 1:200.

Ignore me, I think I just found this under Scaled Drawing funnily enough! lol Hopefully someone can confirm this is the correct method?

If you’ve used Scale Drawing when you drew stuff in LayOut, select the drawing and change the scale in the Scale Drawing panel. If it is a SketchUp viewport, change the viewport scale in the SketchUp Model panel.

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Thanks Dave, is there a way to set the document so that everything I draw is automatically set to the same scale? At the moment it looks like I have to set the scale each time I draw an element.

Well, if you have multiple scaled drawings on the page you can select them all and change their scale all at once or multiple Sketchup viewports can be adjusted at the same time but you can’t change the scale of SketchUp viewports and Scaled Drawings in one go because their scales are set in different panels.