Cannot Set Viewport as Scaled Model or Dimension

Hey all,

So sorry to ask and I’m sure it’s obvious, but I just updated from LO2018 to 2022 and am getting used to the nuances. I’ve imported a simple scene from my SU model into a viewport in LO, but the “Scaled Drawing” and “Dimension Style” trays are totally greyed out for me. How to I enable to ability to scale and dimension my model within the viewport?

Thank you for the help and sorry for the dumb question. I couldn’t find an existing topic on it!


Like in every previous version of LayOut you change the scale for the SketchUp viewport using the SketchUp Model panel, not Scaled Drawing or Dimension Style. Or right click on the viewport and choose Scale.

Scaled Drawing is for making scaled drawings in LayOut with LayOut’s drawing tools. Dimension Style is for setting the style of dimensions. For that panel to be active you need to eitherhave the Dimension tool active or you need to have selected one or more dimensions in LayOut.

You should take some time to go through the educational materials at

Boy I am dumb. I didn’t have the “Camera” menu expanded within the SketchUp Model tray. Wasn’t used to the collapsed sub-menus in 2022 from 2018 and should have been more observant about the additional options in there. :man_facepalming:t2:

Thanks for setting me straight.


You might want to go through the Release Notes for the last bunch of versions to catch up on the changes. There are a number of them between SketchUp and LayOut.