Layout viewports to edit Sketchup model

Hi everyone.

Is there a way to edit the sketchup model trough the viewports in layout ?

Im asking this because when i place dimensions in layout and then sometimes i change something in the sketchup model or even if i move the viewport, because i dont like its position or something, the dimensions will not be in the correct place.

Im using pro 2020

You can manipulate the view by double clicking in a window but the general advice is to avoid doing so as it breaks the link with the SU drawing.

If you placed your dimensions properly so that they relate to specific points in the SU drawing window, they should change if you edit the SU drawing. Unless you have double clicked in a window…

You can open the sketchup model attached to any viewport for editing in SketchUp. Select the viewport and right click then select open with SketchUp. However, it sounds like this might not be the correct thing to accomplish what your are trying to do. Are your dimensions done in SketchUp or in Layout? Layout it looks like, when you say move the viewport, do you mean double-clicking to orbit or zoom the model as @simoncbevans says, or move the closed viewport around the page?

You can see the kind of confusion that arises unless you upload your drawing!

Hold on a doggone moment. Your profile says you are using SU Free. No access to Layout, surely?

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He/she stated the version

Then there’s a mismatch between profile and the actualité. Not a good start!

Ah well, hopefully that will get fixed down the road. It’s a lot to take in for someone who joined 23 min ago. @dvdlopes78, if you can post your Layout file here or post a link to a file hosting service one of us can take a look at the file and give you more focused advice on how you can improve your workflow.

Could it be that the OP thinks he is using 2020 and Layout but actually is using the free version? The profile info is confusing even before you get to the post.

Hi everyone, wow i didnt know i would get such quick responses.

Im using pro 2020 in this case.

In the first example i placed the dimensions in layout, but on the second image when i moved the viewport, one of the outside dimension on the floorplan didnt move along with the others, why is that ?

Shoul i dimension in Sketchup ? From what i have read it shoul be done in Layout right ?

Anexo Avó.pdf (11.8 KB) Anexo Avó 1.pdf (13.5 KB)

No, im using pro 2020 in this example

You have to select the dimension, too.

I do all dimensioning in LayOut and have no problems.

I mean move the closed viewport arround the page

And even when you change the model in sketchup the dimensions adapt ?

If you change the length of what you dimensioned in the model, it’s dimension should update in LO when you update the reference. That assumes both ends of the dimension are anchored to the model.