LayOut how to export or open the model view in SketchUp

So I have something in layout i need to edit. I’m not familiar with layout at all. it just looks like the paper space in AutoCAD with a viewport on a page

The only option to edit it seems to be to double-click in the viewport on the page of the model i have in front of me, and try and edit it through that window. I can’t full-screen it, and the window is tiny.

How do I export the model to sketchup make, or otherwise make it usable?

I don’t care about using Layout in the slightest - I’m literally going to edit this model then screenshot it into an email to show someone, but Layout is making it unnecessarily complicated and it might be quicker to redraw the entire thing at the rate google is not helping.

Edit: finally managed to get google to tell me how to go from LAYOUT to SKETCHUP rather than from Sketchup to layout.


There should be an easier way to do this.

Isn’t your model a SketchUp model that was imported into Layout? You can edit the SU model directly without going through Layout. You always edit in SU then update in Layout. I don’t think you fully understand the role of Layout with SketchUp.

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For this very situation the makers of SketchUp and LayOut spent many hours producing User Guides:

THAT is what OLE objects normally do in Windows applications, but do not do in LayOut. This is one of my main peeves with LayOut.

If you do this (double-clicking) it disconnects the link between the SketchUp model scene page and the LayOut viewport. (Frustrating!)

What could be easier than that ? You need to understand that most LayOut documents have many viewports looking into the model. And can even have viewports looking into multiple model files.

At the very least, a target viewport needs to be selected, before some “magic” (a keyborad shortcut perhaps?,) can happen to open the model for editing in SketchUp.

Paul said it best.