Layout problem. Can't get a view port

Hi Please forgive me on advance for my little knowledge of my problem.

I’m new to sketchup / pro. (still on my 30 day trial.)

When going into layout I’m greeted with a template choice and only what I know as view port. (don’t think it’s called this in sketchup. )

I’ve gone to layout and it’s not available on any template. Please can anyone tell me what it’s called and how to get it back so I can produce scenes in layout.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t understand what it is you are describing. When LO first opens, you need to select a template for the paper you’re using. You can open LO from SketchUp using send to LayOut. If you use that option, you’ll select the paper template and the viewport (showing the last saved SketchUp view) will be displayed as a viewport. Change it to the desired scene in the SketchUp Model inspector window found in the tray on the right.

If you just open LO from the desktop shortcut, choose the paper template and then use File<Insert to insert the SketchUp file into the project and set the scene as above.

Please update the IT questions in your profile. ‘x’ is not a useful answer for either the operating system or the graphics card.

Hi Dave.

I have done a few models in sketchup and exported a few pdf from layout.

Today I went back onto my sketchup file. Carried out some more drawings and when I sent it to layout . Wenter on the same template I have used before (a 3 plain paper. ) The view port option is not there. (sorry I know it’s not called a view port but that’s all I can describe it as from paper space in autocad.)

Thanks Paul

How about at least a screen shot of what you’re seeing. Or upload the LO file.

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Hi Dave

I’m away from my laptop at the moment I’ll get to this asap.
thanks Paul

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