Sketchup Layout Export Issue

I am a new user, but for the life of me Layout must have a bug. When attempting to export PDF the only thing that’s generated is a blank template; not even the one I’m currently working on. No viewports, nothing.

Am I just going crazy?

Appreciate any help guys,


How about sharing the LO file so we can see what you’ve got going on?

Out of curiosity, when you installed SketchUp and LayOut, did you right click on the downloaded installer and select Run as administrator from the context menu?

See attached file and an image of what is exported on my end through Bluebeam (PDF program)

LO File.layout (1.4 MB)

I’m fairly certain I did run the installer as the Admin.

OK. Page 1 only has the original title block stuff from the template. Page 2 shows a plan view from your SketchUp model. I see that in both LayOut and in the PDF export.

This is in LayOut.

This is in the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

What do you see on the second page of your PDF?

If you aren’t 100% sure, you should do it anyway. No need to uninstall SketchUp. Just find the downloaded installer, right click on it, choose Run as administrator and then if presented with the option, choose Repair.

Ok, I see; the template comes with a Title sheet and the 2nd page is the plan view of my file. Alright, looks like I’m not the sharpest spoon in the drawer. In my defense, this is only day 2 of working with Sketchup/LayOut.

Thank you sir.

No worries. That template also opens to page 2 by default so if you use Send to LayOut from SketchUp, the first viewport will show up on that second page.

Before you get too immersed in a project you might want to give some consideration to creating your own template(s) that are suitable for your work. The ones that are included are really intended to be used to show you how to set up your own.

Good luck with it.