How to add a viewport in Layout

Hi, I have been looking everywhere but couldn’t find how to add a simple viewport in Layout, could anyone help me out? I deleted the viewport it automatically came with when opening the Layout project.

That wasn’t the best idea. Go back to SketchUp, send to LO and then copy the viewport from the new document to your project file.

Amazing, thanks for the quick reply DaveR! I did manage to load the Sketchup project in Layout before but was lost on how to create a viewport in it. I’m used to Revit where you create a sheet first and then drag the view onto the sheet, hence I was expecting something similar with Layout, but it makes sense to send the project from Sketchup to Layout as they’re two different programs

Edit: one thing I was wondering is why you need to send the project from Sketchup to Layout if the project is already linked in Layout? Or is it just to create the viewport in Layout?

Alternatively you can start a new LO file and then use File>Insert to insert the SketchUp model and get the viewport.

Yes. It’s this. If you hadn’t deleted the only viewport linked to the model this wouldn’t be needed. After you have the first viewport in the LayOut project, copy that viewport to make additional ones. Don’t copy from Sketchup and paste in LayOut and don’t insert the same SKP file again. Once is enough.

LayOut documents can be linked to more than one SketchUp model or other reference types. In a way, LayOut is more comparable with a Revit project than a SketchUp model is.