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I have created my design in Sketch up Pro and when I was wondering how you transfer the same view onto layout? I know you can do certain set views but I want the view I have moved it to. its like in Layout the view is automatic to the front view… Can you change the view in layout?

Any suggestions? Thank you

Create a scene in SketchUp showing the model as you have it. Save the file. Then use Send to LayOut. If you saved with that particular scene active, the first viewport will show that scene. You can select a different scene if needed from the SketchUp Model inspector panel in the tray on the right in LayOut.

As I wrote, the first viewport created in LayOut will show the scene that was active when you saved the file. If you are seeing the Front view when you send to LayOut, it’s because that’s the active scene.

You can select a different scene in the SketchUp Model panel.

One thing you should not do is use Last saved SketchUp view as the "scene for your viewports. If you have some reason to go back to the SketchUp model to make edits and save with the camera is a different position, the viewports will be screwed up.

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If you have set up a scene and have then moved the view to something you prefer, remember to Update Scene. Otherwise it won’t get updated in Layout. Also, if you have already exported a view to Layout and then change and update the scene in Sketchup, you will need to update it in Layout as well (right click window and choose update) to reflect the changes.

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thank you so much! I have been teaching myself how to use this, so all very new for me!

You should probably take some time to go through the instructional stuff at

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Thanks so much! I am teaching myself how to use this so all very new still! Thanks