Problem getting files from sketch to layout

Working on Mac OS 12. I am having all kinds of problems getting my files to layout.

From layout I insert file, choose my sketch file and it loads the scene from the previous version.
I go back to sketchup and save the file “save as” with a modified name so that I can get that file.
I go to layout and insert that file after I search my computer for it. It loads the correct file.
But when I do a copy and move of that view port and go to scenes and select a different scene it loads again from the old not updated file???

I don’t want to have to do a computer search every time I need to load a view.

I go to sketchup and send the file from there to layout it opens a new layout page and won’t load the file on the page that I am working on???

Is this sketchup really this buggy???

Why layout not source my most recent saving of my sketchup file???

Plus, I think that I read somewhere that layout and sketchup are linked together so that if you make changes on your SU doc, the changes are automatically reflected on your Layout doc. Well that sure is not happening>

No! It’s your workflow that is buggy. I’ve seen a number of cases where users have made up their own, incorrect process for working with SketchUp and LayOut but I can say this is the first time I’ve seen this.

From your description it sounds like this is entirely pilot error. The process you describe results in a separate SketchUp reference file for each viewport. This means you have multiple SketchUp files to manage and your LayOut file will become huge. The correct workflow is to create scenes in your SketchUp model that reflect the views you need to show in your LayOut document. Then insert the SketchUp model file into LayOut ONCE. After you have the first viewport inserted into your LayOut document copy that viewport to make additional ones and for each viewport select the scene you want to show.

Something that would account for some of what you describe is that you may accidentally be choosing the backup file. It has the same name as your working file, but has a tilde at the end of the name.

If you go into Document Setup, References, and in the list look to see the path of the model file. I’m hoping it’s “my model~.skp” and not “my model.skp”. If you are inserting the ~ version of the file, that is the previous version.

I have done as you described. I create scenes in my su model. It is when I insert one of the scenes that it goes haywire - loads the scene from before I updated the scene and saved it.

And like I stated: once I finally get the correct scene in layout, when I copy and move that scene and go to the scene popup to get a different scene - it gives me a scene from the old not correct model???

Share the SketchUp and LayOut files so we can see what you’ve got going on. Clearly you’re missing a step or putting one in that doesn’t belong.

Thank you. After going into References and deleting the older file it does seem to work now. I’ll give it more of a workout tomorrow.