Layout File Crash on Opening, other files work

Hey everyone,

I’m having a hard time with a layout file that will not open; it crashes every time I try to open it. I attached the file here. Any thoughts before I have to start over. Ugh. Rendering Proposal Connor~.layout (15.2 MB)

It looks like you copied from SketchUp and pasted into LayOut. Is that correct? In fact it looks like every viewport in your document was created via copy and paste. This is not good practice because it creates references that point to temporary files that will be deleted. You should be creating scenes in SketchUp to use for the viewports in LayOut. Then insert the SketchUp model into LO once. After you have the first viewport created, copy that viewport in the document and paste it to create the additional viewports and choose the appropriate scene for the viewport.

Every one of your viewports shows the scene as “Last saved SketchUp view” which will create problems for you when you need to go back to the SketchUp file and make edits.

From what I see, you’re best option is to start over and use the correct work flow so you don’t create the problem again.

As I look at your Sketchup files I see you aren’t using tags correctly which will also create problems for you. All edges and faces should remain untagged. Only components and groups should get tagged. You have the reverse going on in the models I’ve looked at so far.

Yes, that is all very correct. Thanks for the response, DaveR. I really appreciate it. I guess I have my Sunday all figured out now.


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I realize that it seems like creating scenes in your SketchUp model and following the proper workflow throughout can seem like more work when copying and pasting is so quick but as you can see, in the long haul, copying from one application and pasting into LayOut ends up costing you more in time than you saved up front.

Good luck.

Good point.

It would be nice if SU gave a little prompt when this happens the first few times (eg “Would you like SketchUp to create a new Scene in your model?”)

One thing to watch out for is the ~ in the file name. You are working with a backup file, and it may be out of date compared to the same named file that doesn’t have a tilde.

The crashing issue you’re seeing was fixed in LayOut 2021, and I can open your file ok. Unfortunately, saving the file as a 2020 version file doesn’t let it open in 2020.

You do have a 2021 license, but it shows as expired for some reason. It would be worth checking with Creation Engine why the license might be expired. It may be in connection with the Classic licenses going away. If you have so far qualified for a non-profit license, and that may not be allowed anymore, check with CE to see if you qualify for the SketchUp Studio for $55 per year deal.

Yes - The school of hard knocks is no fun.

Interesting. I have since created a new layout file. So I’m okay with losing the old one. I will check out CE.

Thank you.