Layout crashes when I click on a particular page


I am on Layout 2021 with a typical set of plans that I make regularly. This time though there seems to be an issue with one of my pages. When I click on it my mac goes straight to the pin wheel. When I try to save the document as a PDF it crashes as it hits this one page. There is nothing special with this particular page. It is just a simple scene with a few labels on it. I have never run into this issue before so i’m hoping someone will know what is going on.


Maybe you could share the LO file so we can see what you’ve got going on.

Construction Plans copy.layout (9.9 MB)

Which is the problem page?

Page 13

There is something on that page that is causing a problem. I haven’t found it yet but I’m searching. I have to say your LO file is kind of a mess with all of the SketchUp viewports showing that the Camera has been modified away from the scene properties in the SketchUp Model. A lot of your scenes in the mode should have the camera set to Parallel Projection but instead are using Perspective. There are seems to be a lot of redundancy in your model and many of the dimensions in the document are difficult to read. Some of the dimensions don’t appear to be anchored to anything and some of them are masked by other text.

Edit: The problem appears to be a dimension of text field. After I deleted all of the text and dimensions on the page the export went fine. there’s so many of them it might take a bit to sort out which one. It would be better if you put dimensions and text on their own layers in the document.

How did you get to the page to delete anything? I can’t even get to it without freezing.

I’m working on a PC and they seem to not have problems with things freezing up like Macs do.

Most of the dimensions on that page seem to be kind of nonsense. Weird dimensions and not attached. Maybe I should just delete them all and see if I can send back the file.

By the way, in your SketchUp model I found some incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 3_3_2021 , 9_59_27 PM

And it wouldn’t hurt to purge the unused stuff from your model once in awhile.
Screenshot - 3_3_2021 , 9_59_43 PM

Ok. Good to know. Thanks.

I tried a bunch of times to delete just a few dimensions or labels and exporting and wasn’t successful in finding the bad apple in the barrel. I deleted them all and the page and the rest of the document export fine. Here’ it is as such. See if you can get through to that page and redo the dimensions.
Construction Plans copy dr.layout (10.9 MB)

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I was able to open it. Thank you for your Help!

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