Layout crashing today



Can anyone spot an error here or reproduce the crash I am having?

The Layout drawing has three pages with one window to the SU drawing on each page, relating to different scenes. Pages 1 and 3 are no problem, but if I try to enlarge the window upwards on the second page, LO crashes. It has happened reliably several times despite trying a number of workarounds. I have had a crash report no. 945.

I need to be able to see more of the scene and I don’t know how to get around it.

Corrugated roof.layout (2.6 MB)


You don’t say which versions of OS X and SU you have.

Using SU/Layout 2018 Pro v18.0.18976, on High Sierra 10.3.3 I don’t have a problem opening your file, nor in expanding the viewport upwards and/or downwards - no crash.

I did find that my Layout program wouldn’t run until I had dowloaded a clean installer and run it again, though! I use it very rarely, so hadn’t noticed before - said it was corrupt or incompletely installed. But fixed with a reinstallation.

I’ve re-saved the file as a Layout 2018 file. If you need it in an older version, let me know and I’ll save it as that instead.
Corrugated roof.layout (2.7 MB)


Both my OSX(10.13.3) and SU Pro versions are current.

If I download the drawing you uploaded, the same thing happens to me. So I guess it must be something to do with my setup. Not a problem I have noticed before.


Well, at least I can confirm that the file itself wasn’t corrupt.

Sorry, other than trying a reinstall of SU, I’m out of ideas. Maybe one of the Sages has something else to suggest.

(Guessing) Possibly save it back to an older version, if you have kept one, and see if it will work without crashing in that?


Did your computer get any updates recently?

I also had no problem with enlarging the viewport on page 2.


I don’t think so. There seems to be an update to OSX awaiting implementation:

I guess I should try turning everything off and back on again. Often fixes things.


Maybe a reboot is in order.


Tried that but no joy.

I wonder if this is related to the problem I had a while back when trying to change to hybrid rendering? That also caused repeated crashes but it was a short-lived defect that hasn’t happened since.

If it is just this drawing that causes the problem, I won’t let it worry me too much.


Don’t know. I guess I’d try out some additional LO files and see if it happens. Maybe trying purging unused stuff from the model (there’s a bunch) and then start a new LO file. Does the behavior change?


That’s odd. I did a purge via Model Info before saving (and also checked for errors). What did you identify that was till clogging the model up?


Well, I opened the SKP file in the LO file and purged 5 of 20 components, 31 of 55 layers, 17 of 21 materials, and 2 of 7 styles.


When you do that, do you use a single purge command or do you go through it element by element?

BTW, I have just created a new LO file and the problem has disappeared. So it must be something to do with that file and my system I guess. At least it does not seem to be endemic.


I use TIG’s Purge All although you could use the Purge Unused in Model Info>Statistics. I like TIG’s plugin because it gives a report of what was purged.

What method do you use to get the SketchUp file into LayOut?


I used to use an app to do purging (may have been TIG’s) but I found it tended to purge lots more than I wanted. I probably didn’t understand how to use the settings properly.

I hit the Export to Layout icon in the toolbar normally.


TIG’s Purge All starts with a window that lets you choose which types of entities can to purge.


I’ve downloaded that now. I think the app I got into trouble with was Thomthom’s CleanUp, which seems to go a lot further. I like the simplicity of TIG’s.


Cleanup also has settings for what to clean but TIG’s only purges unused and doesn’t clean up things like coplanar edges.


Hi Simon-

Crash #945 is a vector rendering crash in the video card driver (GeForceGLDriver). I’ll bump the report over to the graphics team but otherwise I don’t have any great advice for you to fix this.



Sounds about right. Mine is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M. I suspect there are some funny occasional, but rather unpredictable, conflicts going on.


Layout is crashing nearly every time I use it. I am not using it any differently than when it was purchased in 2016. I am using the 2016 version of SU. Is there a way to fix this without purchasing a new 2018 license? I can’t afford that right now.

Mac OS 10.13.3