Layout crashes when rendering

Layout has been crashing lately when rendering. No idea why this is happening as it was not so much a problem as in the past. Please, SU developers, put some resources into fixing Layout. I don’t care about VR, or any of the fancy stuff. Just the basics, so I can produce decent construction drawings without the constant frustrations I experience with Layout. Sketchup is fantastic. Layout can surely be improved.

Can you share a LayOut file in which this happens?

Are you still using SketchUp/LayOut 2019 as your profile indicates?

Perhaps not directly helpful regarding Layout crashes, but as another small stability data-point, I’ve experienced more frequent SU-2021-Pro crashes recently that involve a wider range of issues.

Before my SU crashes were largely related to my use of the component browser or similarly component focused. Now a much wider range of unrelated actions trigger a SU crash. My other MacOS (Catalina) apps have rarely ever crashed, it continues to be SU with increasing frequency. Wondering if other SU-2021 users have noticed similar instability ?

The OP is on Windows usingSU Pro 2019 (according to his profile). You are on Mac and using a different SU version.

Personally, I still use Big Sur and Pro 21. I have found that to be a fairly stable combination.

As for general problems with LO being overloaded, that is an ongoing issue that has applied for years and looks as if it will apply for many more years to come. A nettle that is not being grasped (although, who knows? a spanking new version might suddenly land on us, maybe, perhaps, one day my prince will come…)

I’m using SU 2021 pro. I just updated my profile to show that. My internet is too slow to share files. I will say that the file is 48,000 kb.
Thanks for all your comments.

It’s usually not too difficult for me to track down what is causing LO to crash during rendering when I can look at the file. I guess I won’t be able to do that in this case.

@DaveR Right now the crashing occurs about 50% of the time. If it gets worse or continues to aggravate me, I will reach out again and figure out a way to share the file. I have noticed you have helped out many people here over the years. Thank you so much for your generous support.

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