Layout crashing when using label


Hi Guys
I am using SU pro 2015 on a macbook pro retina display. And for the last 3 days layout has crashed on me at least 30 times, and it has become really slow but SU it self is fine. It happens every time i use the label tool. Even if i open a new layout file and i only use the label tool i get the bug splat. I use layout a lot for my work and its now holding me up and i am getting to the point of should i uninstall and reinstall the program or would this make no difference

Layout 16 crashes when creating Labels and editing annotations

… But Layout has NEVER crashed prior to that?. . . was there a time when Layout used to work well on your machine?

Sudden changes in software stability are very often the result of other changes in the computer environment… especially those that might have happened 3-4 days ago (in your case)…

Have you already gone through a list of recent changes that have happened on your computer? Any new updates, device drivers, newly installed plug-ins?


Well i have just updated the software for Mac to Sierra. Do you think that could of caused the problem, if so wouldnt other people be in the same position. But layout has crashed on me in the past especially if i draw a large project, it slows down but i can accept the reason for that.


they were until a fix was added to the mac version of SU…

there are many posts on the subject…



And the fix was applied to SU2016. If you’re still running SU2015, there was no fix since it is not supported anymore.


Ok. So my only choice is to upgrade to SU2016. Thanks guys at least i dont have to waste any more time trying to sort it.



Well, yeah. They only do updates on the current version of SketchUp. Sierra came out after SU2016 was released and they did the updates to fix issues with the new OS.


Or revert to your earlier version of the OS - El Capitan or Yosemite for example.


Thanks for your help guys. i went for the upgrade in the end and all is well again. Happy days


I am having the same problems. Do I need to pay to download and install the newer version, or does it come for free?


If you click on the sketchup tab ( next to file tab ) and click on the check for updates it should update and install for free.