Layout 16 crashes when creating Labels and editing annotations

Layout crashes every time I use a label or try to edit a text field. I recently updated to 16.1.1451

Are you running an older version of OS X?

Hi Marc, thanks for responding.
No I am using the latest OSX

I was using SU16 without any issue until I installed the latest patch
I am currently using the version below

Ok, that’s exactly the problem. SketchUp 16.1.1451 was released before macOS Sierra existed. When Sierra was released, we discovered this exact crash and we made a special mac-only maintenance release of SketchUp to fix it. This maintenance release should have exactly the same features & behavior as your current version except for this crash being fixed, so it should be low-risk to update.

The version number of that release is 2016.1.2418. You can download it from the SketchUp downloads page:

Here’s a direct link:


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