Continues crash of Layout

Layout keeps crashing. Any time I make a double click on a text or any other move that seems more than normal…
The program is so fragile at the moment. Working with it is not possible. Is there anything I can do?
Does anyone have the same problem?

Exactly what version of LayOut and what version of OS X are you using?

You can see the full version number for LayOut in LayOut->“About LayOut”.


Hey Marc,
thanks for your quick response.
It´s Layout 16.0.19913 and it´s MAc OS Sierra 10.12.3

LayOut 16.0 was released before Sierra, so there are some serious issues - particularly with text editing. Installing a newer copy of LayOut will fix the problem.

Here’s a link to all of the available download versions:

Here’s a thread (somewhat outdated) with some more details:

Hey Marc,
i don´t quite get where exactly I can update layout. the link links to
several sketchup versions including sketchup 2017.
Will i have to download that? Do I need to purchase something or is the
update free. Does 17 support sierra?

Best regards Maik

You can continue using 2016 if you want, but you could update to 2017 if you paid for maintenance & support.

Here’s a direct link to the German, Mac version of SketchUp 2016:

Thank you Marc,

that totally solved it. I downloaded sketchup 16, installed it . Got a newer version of layout and now layout works very stabil. No bugsplash so far.

Thanks for your effort.

Best regards Maik