SketchUp and macOS Sierra

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Edit 10/3/2016: We have released SketchUp 2016M2 to address the worst of the issues on Sierra.

Just a reminder that the newly announced (and not yet released) macOS Sierra is not officially supported by SketchUp - if you’re a person who loves to install beta software versions, be aware that SketchUp may exhibit all sorts of unwanted behavior. I ALWAYS recommend installing beta OS versions on separate partitions or removable drives so that you can revert to a known-good OS as necessary.

With that disclaimer, if you run SketchUp on macOS Sierra, we’d love to hear about any issues you encounter.

Edit: Known issues
Crashes/Hangs with text-related tools (labels, text boxes) in LayOut. Bug is related to RTF parsing.

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I haven’t done a lot yet, so far so good. As I mentioned elsewhere, the new document tabs feature works well.

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can anyone tell me the ‘shipped’ Ruby version for Sierra?


I wanted to check and see if you had encountered any issues with Sierra Betas and SU and LO? I’ve been considering installing, but I hate to break something I use on a daily basis.

Something that only came up with the second beta of Sierra I think is that when you finish using SketchUp, and do a quit, it quits perfectly well, but it does trigger the bugsplat dialog.

I’ve had a few minor issues, I’ve noticed that I can’t export to a PDF from LayOut, I have to print to PDF instead. I’ve also had some issues that may be unrelated to macOS, like crashing when working with detailed imported DWGs. Upon closer inspection though, the DWG is terrible, very few closed polygons, lots of errant lines, which I why I’m not so sure it’s the Beta.

And I get crashes when I try to edit the text on dimensions and labels.

Edit: It would appear I get crashes when I attempt to make new labels, maybe something about the autosuggest label feature? It doesn’t happen when I make a label that isn’t attached to anything.

Morning! I’m using Sierra since a couple of days and I noticed Layout won’t open on my main computer. Have to check if it’s the same on my Mac at home… Anybody else who experienced this?

There are some drawing issues, but it opens ok. Are you using beta 3 of 10.12?

10.12. Just found out that it doesn’t open when I use most of the templates, but some templates do open, like A3 Landscape with raster…

There have been some rumors of issues with text - are the problematic templates the ones with text? Can you open your own files successfully?


same here. MacOS Beta 5 is not working with 2016 Sketchup’s Layout. It stuck on startup and doesn’t open. Have to force quit it.

Yep! So, I decided to download MacOS Sierra Beta, and it’s making SketchUp quite difficult to use. The two biggest problems are that all my edges have become “shimmery,” (they disappear and reappear, partially or completely, depending on the camera angle—especially when looking at a model in any of the standard views in parallel projection), and that my mouse’s zoom (via the scrolling on Apple’s Magic Mouse) has gone hyper-sensitive. It’s pretty maddening.

I just thought I would follow up here, I just installed Public Beta 7, and LayOut Still crashes the second time I open a text box after it launches.

For example,I launch LayOut and open a LayOut file, open a label or dimension to edit the text, and click out of the edit. Then I save. The next time I double click a text box to edit it, BUGSPLAT!

This does make editing my standard drawings for customization rather tedious.

Long story short, don’t upgrade yet.

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We’re repro’ing this with beta 8, too, and investigating. Thanks.

Today Apple set the release date for macOS Sierra to be Sept 20. So that people can make an informed decision whether to update or not, it would be very helpful to have an official statement from Trimble regarding known issues and risks. From your comments it is clear that someone at Trimble has been testing the betas. Could you folks create such a list?

If you use LayOut, don’t.

Please see this topic for a potential new bug due to Sierra:

Could additional people who have installed Sierra please try this to see whether the issue is consistent or might yet be specific to the OP’s computer?

I responded on that thread: I could not reproduce this on Sierra GM (16A320) - the final release.

There are a few specific issues that we are watching closely. One is for SketchUp and two are for LayOut:

SketchUp ( crash when closing a tab in fullscreen mode )

  1. Open SketchUp
  2. Enter fullscreen mode (green button at top left of window)
  3. Command N (to open a new file) - notice there are now two tabs that appear at the top for each of the two open files.
  4. Hover over one of the tabs and click on the x on the left side to close it. SketchUp will crash.

LayOut (freeze when opening a template file)

  1. Open LayOut
  2. Choose File > New…
  3. Select a template LayOut file (eg. Titleblock/Simple/A3 Landscape.layout). LayOut will hang.

LayOut (freeze when adding or editing text)
This appears to affect both the text box and the label tool. A specific process for crashing hasn’t been identified yet.

If you encounter other issues that you can consistently replicate on your computer, feel free to let us know.

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