SketchUp and macOS Sierra



For the first example, the going full screen, new tab, close, is just a variation of the general problem of getting a bugsplat when closing a document. The full screen part or new tab isn’t important. Simply open SketchUp, command-w to close, command-d to not save, and you get a crash.

I tested on the GM version of Sierra.


Any updates coming for either app? So far everything I have (that is important!) works with Sierra. SU would keep me from upgrading, but Layout is pretty bug laden as is I don’t rely on it (but would still be nice if an update came out fixing the crashers, at least).


Sooooo… the official SketchUp position on this is NOT to install the Sierra update? This thing is coming out tomorrow if I’m correct and my Mac is set to auto update - I’ll need to know to turn that off if SketchUp doesn’t advise its install until the bugs are worked out…


New releases of Mac OS X have come out ahead of the SketchUp update cycle for the last couple of years, and Trimble has not issued a maintenance update to address problems. They have told us to wait for the next release of SU later in the Fall. I would expect the same thing this cycle: unless you are willing to live with possible bugs and crashes, wait for SU 2017 before updating to Sierra. (Caveat: I do not work for Trimble, this is my independent opinion).


Probably good advise. I can probably wait in lieu of dealing with the bugs. Thank you.

So nothing from any of the SketchUp Team contributors???


SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements

no macOS Sierra included for recent SU 2016 = don’t upgrade at least in a production environment.


Hey folks,

We a preparing a maintenance release for SketchUp 2016 to deal with the issues on Sierra. We’re still running through our QA processes to make sure everything is in order, but we should get it to you this week.

Thanks for your patience,


Looking forward to it Tyler.
For now I’ve found that Scenes and import .skp-files doesn’t work.


Hey folks -

We’ve just released our maintenance versions of SketchUp on the Mac to address macOS Sierra issues. We concentrated on any issues that were causing crashes, so there may still be a few more cosmetic issue we’ll have to deal with in SketchUp 2017.

SketchUp > Check Web for Update… will lead you to the new installs.



Awesome! Downloading…


Fantastic! Thank you.


This makes me very happy! I can now enter this new world of CAD/CAM to produce my porcelain collection. Glad I joined this forum!


downloaded per the web page link, but it shows a feb 2016 date and after installing it, I get the “update” notice again. The date on both sketch up and layout is 2.24.16.


jfk3674 -

Did you download SketchUp 2016 Make or Pro? English, or another language? We could have some trouble with our links. And (at the risk of being obnoxious), you are on the Mac, right? This release was Mac-only to address Sierra.



@tyler_miller so that people can verify, what is the full version number of this release? I’m seeing 16.1.2418


It would be handy if your downloads page mentioned the date it was modified. I already had 16.1 installed, and the new download is also 16.1, but at least shows as modified on September 19th. It is a more recent version, and does fix the bugsplat when closing document issue. But, a date in the downloads page would have been encouraging,


That does seem to be the right version number.


Yes, 16.1.2418 is the new release. We call it SketchUp 2016 M2 (Mac).

New version of SU

I’m having the same issue as J. Cleared History and Cache. Tried 3 times, keep getting V16.1.1451 With the Feb, 2016 date.


I’m having the same issue as J. Cleared History and Cache. Tried with Chrome and Safari, getting V16.1.1451