Several Sketchup Bugs

I recently wiped my MacBook Pro to start fresh because I was having issues with other programs before the wipe, SketchUp 2016 was running great on my 15"MacBookPro with Sierra, but since reinstalling it I’ve experienced several issues. At first I thought it was Apple’s fault, but after 2 hours in the store and multiple wipes and instals/reinstalls we determined that the issue had to be on SketchUp’s end. I’m running macOS Sierra, but Ive download the latest version of SketchUp Pro 2016 its never been the same unfortunately.

-First it won’t remember my default template selection. it will just open up a random setting with no ‘suzan’ looking from below the access point in a direction thats perpendicular to the z access.

-Second, my ‘send to layout function’ is grey out in all available options in SketchUp. I can’t send any new SketchUp files to Layout, but if I have any older files they typically still work. This bugs me most of all because I’m in the middle of grad school and SketchUp is my go to program for EVERYTHING.

-Third, the SketchUp icon is having doc issues. When I open the application and say keep in the doc the second I close it, a question mark fills in the space it once occupied. If I drag it down from the application folder when I launch it, it open another icon in the doc and uses that

Also when I open sketches sometimes I say open a window with this template and I get nothing, no window, and no file and sketch freezes and then it won’t recover…

You may find some useful information in this Sierra thread.

Thanks I’ve read that, and understand that there might be issues but wouldn’t the latest update be included in the download I just did…? I’ve never understood where to actually go and get the updates unless it pops up in SketchUp which it isn’t doing. Plus the fact that it was running normal before on sierra and now it isn’t…

It’s new security stuff in Sierra - it’s actually copying SketchUp to a temporary folder, then launching it from there. So when you do Send to LayOut, it expects it to launch from the normal place… LayOut as well will launch from a temporary location. Read more on this in Marc’s comments on this thread: SketchUp and macOS Sierra

Thanks, that helped out a lot.