Frequent LayOut crashes, bugsplats


Layout is crashing almost every time I use it. I’m not using it any differently than I have since it was purchased SketchUp Pro in 2016. I’m not able to afford a 2018 license so I’m hoping there is a bug fixer or solution.
Mac OS 10.13.3


Are you getting Bug Splats and sending them in?

Keep in mind that SU and LO 2016 don’t support High Sierra since they were released before High Sierra. There have been problems associated with running older versions of SketchUp and LayOut on High Sierra and you may be having the same issue. If you can’t afford to upgrade to SU/LO2018, you might need to roll back the operating system so you can run SU/LO2016 on an OS that it was designed to work with.

By the way, the upgrade from 2016 to 2018 shouldn’t be that much. Check on the SketchUp site. If you let it go too long, you’ll have to pay the full price to get the latest version later.


At least make sure you have the latest version of 2016. There was a maintenance release that addressed crashes on OS X Sierra with the text editor.


Thanks, I am sending the reports.
Layout files, especially larger ones, are getting more and more sluggish (along with the frequent crashes).
Could this be my OS, or is it that I am using an older version (2016) of SU/LO?


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