Layout crashing on macOS 10.13 High Sierra Beta

Hi all, any news if there is a macOS High Sierra compatible version of Layout? Looks like layout isn’t handling the changes in dyld that high Sierra brings. Thanks trifster

I would expect that LayOut 2018 will include the updates required to support High Sierra. Historically the next major version is released in November so that’s likely when we’ll see the next one.

Makes since. Is there usually beta versions of the next version made available early?

There’s not an open beta if that’s what you mean.

So, I’m dead in the water until November’s release of Sketch Up Pro 2018 to open/us Layout?? Any work arounds?

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I guess the work around would be to roll the OS back to the previous version on which LO2017 is supported.

Not the easiest of things to do. You could install an older Mac OS on an external drive, and boot from that when you need to use Layout.

Funnily, although SketchUp 2017 doesn’t run in Parallels, Layout 2017 looks like it will run. I can’t tell for sure because I only have a Mac SketchUp Pro license. If I had a Windows Pro license I could use Layout under Parallels, as a work around to it not working in macOS, without having to go back to an older Mac OS.

Colin, licenses haven’t been operating system-specific for a few years. The only limitation is that you can only have SketchUp Pro installed twice. Normally two computers but in this case, twice on the same machine under different OS.

Good idea, except that Layout doesn’t allow you to enter a license, and SketchUp 2017 doesn’t work in Parallels. I did add the 2016 license, so at least I’m back in a position of trying Layout issues for the 2016 version.

You can’t install LayOut independent of SketchUp anyway so I guess that’s a moot point.

Well, I have them installed ok, I just can’t license Layout 2017.

I just wrote about a fix, over here:

Hi there, I had no problem with Layout 2017 on OSX 10.13.2 but since upgrading to layout 2018 it keeps crashing if I open documents created in 2017, seems to open ok, but then crashes if I select things… has anyone else found this to be the case?

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