Beta Test macOS High Sierra 10.13 Beta (17A291m)

Hi Sketchup Team!

As a macOS Beta tester fan i recently downloaded the latest version of High Sierra, i noticed that sketchup is running well but Layout chrashes upon opening the app, any updates from your team on when a updated macOS High Sierra version will be launched?

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Same for me, it instantly quits on launch. Console just says:

error 14:56:32.447946 -0700 ReportCrash Failed to start process notifications for pid 42005 (16)

Hi Joshua, thank you, yes we are aware of this crash with LayOut. This will unfortunately not be fixed with an updated release of High Sierra as it looks to be a Ruby related issue on our end. We are monitoring the beta and will need to address in the near future.

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Layout continues to crash on launch in High Sierra beta 5. One interesting thing is that the crash happens before the stage where a preferences file is written.

I tried opening the executable file,, that was informative! The file:


is not being found, and if you go there you’ll see it doesn’t exist. There are three other files that all link to the same Ruby framework, so I tried duplicating one and renaming it as libruby.2.0.0.dylib. Unfortunately that didn’t fool Layout into working!

Reading reports of the same problem in other applications showed up this Apple article, that might be relevant:

Hope there is a test version or update soon. High Sierra will probably go GM next month.

Hi Trent,
Thanks for the details. With 10.13 GM about a month away is there a beta of a compatible version available to beta test? Thanks, trifster

I am now on beta 6, and Layout still crashes. As Trent said, the fix probably has to be done in Layout, not macOS.

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