Mac OS Sierra not totally compatible with SketchUp




Please can anyone tell me how to overcome the issues I’m encounting with SletchUp and Layout since I upgraded to the new Mac OS Sierra? I Hate Apple!!!

I can’t open any of my previously saved files in Layout and odd stuff is going on in SketchUp. I just want it back the way it was. So unbelievably angry right now! Apparently SketchUp 2016 M2 is compatable (so it say’s on sketch website) how do I get that??


Crisis Averted! I found the forum where all the issues were discussed and found where to downloaded the maintenance version. Everything is good in the World once more! Thank you SketchUp Team! (No thanks to you Apple:angry: )



I’ve the same problem …
What is the specific forum … and the maintenance version ?


click above…


I’ve installed the latest update of sketchUp Pro … problems gone (mac os sierra)


Help! I’m having no luck with this maintenance fix. I’ve installed the newest version of 2016 and when I try to open any file, it just shows white screen as the content. I can see the tools but can’t access the content.

I have SketchUp Make. If I buy Pro, will it circumvent this issue?? It’s getting desperate…


It shouldn’t matter whether it’s Make or Pro. What happens if you make a new document? What template are you using?


I’m using ‘simple template - feet and inches’. I’ve tried other templates and I get the same blank screen result with all of them.


try if disabling “SketchUp > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Hardware Acceleration” helps.


where can i get the link to the fix up .I am having the same problems since changing to sierra


Just a quick note to say that SketchUp seems to be working ok in macOS High Sierra (10.13). In case anyone was curious!


Does the beta convert your disc to the new file system? Based on people having trouble with case-sensitive file system, I would expect HS also to require a sketchup update.


You’re given the choice to go to the new file system, which I did. I tend to use lowercase file names, but in my recent files list there were files people had posted here, and those had a mixture of upper, lower, symbol names, and still opened ok.


That’s interesting! Several people have reported that SketchUp won’t even launch on macOS 10.11 or 10.12 when using the old case-sensitive file system. The error messages indicate SketchUp can’t find some of its libraries because of mismatch between the capitalization of their names compiled into the app vs for files on the disk. Maybe Apple included some kind of patch to avoid massive issues of this sort during the update…