I can't open my Layout files, (SUv15) with Mac OS Sierra



I have upgraded to Mac OS Sierra recently but now I can’t open my Layout files or start new ones using my templates. The Sketchup files seem fine. I’m using SU pro 2015. I have seen that there have been some issues, but it all seems to be related to v2016. Will I have to upgrade?

kind regards, Sally


the recent mac Maintenance Release of v16 is the only version that supports Sierra and there are posts on a few additional workarounds that may also be needed until v17 comes out…



Thanks John, I’d thought as much having looked at other posts. Is there a date for SU 2017 yet?


Trimble never announces release dates before the actual event. All we can do is speculate that it will be sometime soon based on prior years’ releases.


I have never seen an announcement prior to release, but based on last year, when the forum was the first place to find out , it should be soon…

why not try the v16 Pro Trial to check if it fixes your issues… [you can instal multiple versions of SU]

then make your decision…



HI John,

I got SU16 yesterday onto my Imac, then went to get it for my MBPro this morning, and hey presto! SU 17. So you really meant soon!!