Layout crashes, without bugsplat, MAC M1 ventura 13.1

Layout refuses to open…
I cannot open from dock, cannot open a layout file in finder and i can’t open in layout from a sketchup model.

Have done a fresh install of sketchup 2022. My mac is up to date, and i’ve even tried installing 2021, still nothing opens on layout. (no problem with sketchup or style builder)


Hi. There are a few similar cases of crashes on SU or layout on macs running ventura.

The issue isn’t with SU 2022 (meaning installing 2021 won’t fix it)
The issue is with Ventura. Ventura isn’t officially supported by SU 2022. SU 2022 only supports until Monterrey. There are many many people who updated to Ventura, but in a handful of cases, it crashes.

Fixes are limited, you can either revert to Monterrey (os12) or… wait fro SU2023.
Alas, there is no official calendar, some years it comes in Novembre, some years mid January, even later. I mean, for all we know, SU2023 could be out next monday or in a month.