SU Layout crashing at opening

My SU layout is crashing…

I made some changes in my template. One of them inclueding a link to a www site.
I saved it and now the layout is crashing on every attempt I have tried to open it.

-. I have deleted the most recent template file from the folder

  • I Have reinstalled sketch up (and therefore layout)

Its giving me a bugsplat…

PLEASE HELP :slight_smile:

  • i need to send something for clients tomorrow :slight_smile:

(Change for correct version)
Or rename first, other setting might be involved.

Oh thank you!

It works!

Is there similar path for MacOs? I’m in a pickle

I am seeing crashing as well at the moment. The .plo files don’t seem to exist on Mac. I’m trying to get suggestions from colleagues.

Hi Colin,

responding to you so I get notified when a solution is found. My SU works fine, but LO crashes at open (won’t even really open just crashes immediately).

Which exact version of macOS are you using?

Are you still using Big Sur?

Hi Colin

Thanks for responding. Yes, I am still using Big Sur, and unfortunately, it’s not my choice to update or not.

Edit: same problem but wrong thread sorry!

Found out something from a colleague. If you see the message about there being an update for LayOut, close that window with the close button in the upper left, and not by clicking on the button to remind you later.


That apparently works around the issue.

Mine is Monterey 12.6. It crashes without even opening any window…

If you see a bugsplat could you send it in, so I can check whether you’re having a different problem?

No bugsplat. It just the this Apple crash report. LayOut doesn’t even open, I just get this crash report.

The bugsplat for LayOut shows after you start a new document, which if you never get there may be a problem.

If you click on my avatar you can send a message to me. Next time you see the Apple crash dialog send the whole contents to me.