Layout 2014 crashes on startup

Help! My layout keeps crashing on startup. I have been using it for 2 years but only now I started to have this problem. I have tried many suggested solutions. Reinstalled several times, but without any result.

Is this a problem with a new Yosemite update?

thanks for the help!


It could be something to do with the OS but very possibly it has to do with the graphics driver which is also automatically updated with the OS on Mac. You might try opening SketchUp and disabling Hardware Acceleration under Preferences in the SketchUp menu. That setting also affects LayOut. Then quite SketchUp and LayOut if it was running and restart. Do you see an improvement in stability?

Out of curiosity, is this only happening with one LO file or with all of them?

Thanks! I will try that. It only happens to layout. Sketchup is working fine

Still, try it.

Is there something specific you’re doing when it crashes?

Unfortunately that didn’t help. It always crashes at the same moment when the toolbars on the side are coming up.


Does it just quit or do you get bug splats?

I get bugs plats evry single time. Getting pretty tired of looking at that bug all day :slight_smile:. The crash actually happens right after the toolbars come up.

Are you sending the splats in with your e-mail attached. If you are, someone from the SU team could look for them and tell you what is causing the crash.

Yes, I have several times. They are probably getting tired of me. Thanks for your help!

Keep sending them. Hopefully when they get back in to work tomorrow, someone will be able to look.

I have reported many bugs plats but I haven’t heard from them yet. How long does it normally take?