Mac OS 13.4.1 Layout Crashing

I did the inevitable update today and layout hates the new environment :roll_eyes:
Anyone else experiencing crashes left and right in the new update?

Still SU 2022 as your profile shows?

Just upgraded to 2023 to see if i could fix this issue… layout will not even open at this point

Did you install 2023 or are you running from the.dmg file?

Have you tried powering the computer off and back on?

Are you getting Bug Splats? If so are you sending them in with identifying info?

Yes to all.
Except I am not running from the .dmg

Seems I have run into a temporary solution… My firm works off of a server and if I drag the files and work locally I am able to open the documents. This is not ideal, however, we use the server as a system for who is currently using a file…

Maybe @colin can look up the Bug Splat reports to get some idea of the cause.