Layout & SU 17 on Mac OS Sierra


I downloaded SU 17 this morning on my MacBook Pro running OS Sierra, as I was having problems since the OS upgrade. I was running SU pro 15 on El Capitan before.

Initially I had lots of bug splats when trying to edit text, and couldn’t open some of my existing Layout files.

What I did notice though, was that when I was trying to copy my own templates from SU 15 to SU 17, there was no Layout folder in the SU17 Application support folder, so nowhere to put the templates folder.

I copied the whole folder from SU 15 and since then all seems to be running better and no more bug splats. I don’t know if the Layout templates are intentionally stored elsewhere or if this was a mistake/omission?



where exactly have you put them?

I haven’t ‘used’ the new LayOut yet but I have an empty ‘Users’ Template folder in

/Users/johns_iMac/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2017/LayOut/Templates

this is where ‘users’ Templates should reside…



Hi John,

I have put them here (see attachment) but originally there wasn’t a Layout folder at all. So I copied the one from my previous version. If I select a template from within Layout and choose My templates, they all show up so I presume this is the default location…

I’m going to download SU 2017 to my Imac later so I’ll check that and see if it’s the same.

kind regards, Sally


Hi again John,

so I’ve just installed SU 17 on my iMac, and again, no Layout folder shows in the SU 17 folder in …library/application support/SU17. Is it somewhere else or is this an ommision?


Did you run SketchUp before looking? Those folders should be created automatically the first time SketchUp is run unless you are using Make and your Pro trial period is over.


Sally, I must have opened mine the once after install or I’d have none of the folders…

but you are looking in the right place…

Sierra may be putting them in a temporary place if you have run LayOut and they’re not in your Users/sallyperigo/Library/…/… path…



Another thought: can you launch Layout from SketchUp using File->Send to LayOut? If not, there may be an issue with Sierra’s new “Gatekeeper Path Randomization” security feature that is preventing SketchUp from launching Layout. Problems with this were addressed in SU 2016’s maintenance release and the fix should also be OK in SU 2017, but maybe some case snuck by…


Launch LayOut. How, I ask you, can a drag installer create those without you launching the app first?


Hello,new to the forum, I recently upgraded from OS mavericks with SU 2015, to mac Sierra and SU 2017
Sketchup is running well, Layout not so much, the zoom and navigation tools are so delayed its rendering layout useless, There may very well be more bugs from what Ive been reading ,and was wondering if it would be worth downgrading to El Capitan, anyone else having this problem with Sierra /Layout