Specific page in Layout document wont load & crashes

I’ve seen this posted before by other people, but not seen any solutions so i’m trying a new post.
I was using Layout 20.2.172 and Sketchup 20.2.172.
All of a sudden one of the pages wont load. The other two pages are loading OK. As soon as you click on the problem page, Layout crashes. How can i recover this page ?
I have checked and there are no missing references.
Here is a link to the files in case anyone knows what to do ! (its the second page i cannot open)

Thanks for any help !!

There was a problem in 2020 in which clipping masks could cause problems. It appears you’ve use clipping masks in a few places. This was fixed in LO 2021. You could try releasing the clipping masks and see if that changes things.

You don’t say which page is actually the problem child.

Although not likely to cause crashes, I noticed you aren’t using tags correctly in SketchUp. This is after correcting incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 2_10_2021 , 11_42_43 AM

Its page 2 that i cannot load. By incorrect tags, do you mean all geometry to be on “0” ?
I tried saving both files to 2021, but it didnt help the problem. I’ll look at the clipping masks, although i know for sure there arent any on that second page (its just three standard model views and 1 bitmap)