How can I debug what is causing layout to crash?

I have a layout file that has about 50 pages. Whenever I attempt to load pages 24 through 37 layout goes “Not Responding” and that is it. I have to end task and close and relaunch. I can do to any of the other pages, no problem. It will load those, display and allow me to do the work just fine. However, trying to access any of those pages and that’s it, it locks up. Even if I have to remake those pages, I need to be able to work with this file. Is there some way to export a log file or anything showing me why this is becoming an issue? Is there a tool or anything to examine the layout file to determine if there is any problem with it?


Just a thought here, but I just upgraded to 2019.2 and now this is happening. It did not happen with the prior version.

Its an issue with changing the scenes of the model. The model viewports in layout have their scenes changed when I insert new scenes into the model. This causes problems with the render types being vector when we have a lot of detail. Anyway that anyone knows to just reset everything to Raster?

Select the viewports and change the render type to Raster.

Make sure none of the viewports show their scenes as modified.

@DaveR is there any way to just reset all viewports at one time? The problem I have is loading them is taking a long time. I’ll eventually get through them all but if there was just a button I could click to reset all of them within the whole file, that would save me a lot of time. I have been looking but I cannot find one.

Thank you for the response too.

You should be able to reset all viewports on a single page because you can select them all at once but there’s no way that I’m aware of to reset them on all pages in the document.

Feature request
Thank you for helping. I would make this a feature request for those of us that use it as a hobby and do not have hulking graphic cards that can blow through 1000s of vectors.

I don’t know if it’s possible to change the rendering for viewports that aren’t currently being displayed. If it is, it could be a handy option.

FWIW, integrated graphics cards have never been recommended for SketchUp and LayOut. It doesn’t take an expensive graphics card to do the job but it does take one that is actually designed for the job.

Gotcha, point received and appreciated, just not my use case. I’ll do this one project and be done so its not worth buying a new system in my specific situation. From my point of view, I have a very inexpensive desktop and SU and LO both run awesome except for this one very minor inconvenience. I understand completely that it is my issue now. Thank you for taking the time to check in on it with me. I really appreciate it, have a wonderful weekend.

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i know this is a 3 week old thread but…I strongly urge you to break down your work flow into sections or categories, i have learned to separate my layout files to about max of ten pages. it is my OPINION to do so.

While your Debugging you can also turn off the Auto rendering button for the viewport then lock the viewport this will keep from rendering/re-generation