Layout issues — crashes

Hi guys, I am not able to render my last three pages of the document to Hybrid. Layout keeps crashing on me. It would then give me the recovered file, but I still need to render my last three pages. I was hoping that on the 2d or 3d try I’d be able to do that. Does anyone know what is going on and what I can do about it?


Hard to tell with only that much information. Can you share the LayOut file?

It’s a pretty large file. It gets stuck when I try to render to hybrid. I was able to do that for the first 7 pages and now it won’t let me do it — I am getting the wheel while this messages pops up.

Very likely there’s something complex in your SketchUp model that is causing problems. For many users that tends to be plant components. Beyond that, it’s hard to say.

BTW crashing and the spinning beachball aren’t the same.

Yes!!! Those plants are driving me crazy. I noticed that it was a problem, but wasn’t sure it would affect the layout too. What can I do then?

Go into the SketchUp file and delete them or replace them with much simpler components. In Model Info>Statistics purge unused and save. Then open the LayOut file and update the model reference.

So the layout will never respond? It took me forever to install those plants and I like the look of them…I guess it’s just easier to keep the drawings rastered, instead of getting them into hybrid?

You could also embed a 2D symbol in the 3D plant and control its visibility by tag in the scene for LO. That way, LO only has to render the symbol and not the 3D plant.

Probably not never. Eventually LO will render the viewports. I guess you have to decide if the plants are worth your time. Leaving the viewports rendered as Raster is an option or maybe doing what @Sonder recommends.

Often all you need is a scene snip from an elevation or overhead. a simple 2d export.

What is that? Would you please give a more detailed answer? Thank you!

It took one hour to render one such drawing…

what Box says I think is that when you prepare your 2d export, you don’t need heavy complex 3D plants that will be rendered by layout, you could simply use 2d drawings. It’s globally true about vegetation, plants and trees are either super heavy (3d) or super ugly (2d) when working in a 3d space, but if you plan on exporting 2d plans and sections, flat elements are ok.

When I need to plant trees (for ex.), I often plant thin cylinders (about the size of the tree, for emplacement and scale), and place them all on a tag.
Then, in layout, I’ll use the scrapbook (or import png cutouts / dxf line silhouettes / do it by hand) to place on top of the cylinders my 2d trees. Then all I have left to do is turn off the tree tag.
same could be used in your case, turn off the tag containing your problematic vegetation, and replace it with 2d drawings in layout.


Do you like those plants enough to make that time well spent?

For most uses, typical 3D plants are not suitable for vector output. The zillions of images depicting leaves only create a blobby mess of ugly lines. My solution is to include a “drawn” 2D plan and face-me elevation on a “2D” tag that I can turn on for plan and elevation viewa

This is very helpful, thanks a lot!

I was watching something on youtube and let it render so eventually it did!