2017 Layout slow or crashing when rendering large sketchup file

Layout freezes with a never-ending spinning rainbow wheel when attempting to render a drawing in hybrid imported from Sketchup. Works fine on raster but I need higher def. Model is of a small residential guest house with detail, another structure in low detail, and some earth detail of the small lot.

My machine should and has handled similar drawings in the past.

iMac (27-inch, Late 2013)
3.5 GHz Intel Core i7
16 GB 1600 MHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB
Sierra 10.12.6

I have read a couple of other threads on the topic but did not help.

Please help.



Can you upload the Layout model to a site like 3Dwarehouse or Dropbox, and provide a link to it? It should contain the SU model.

If you can’t get the model into Layout in the first place, just upload the SKP file.

It’s difficult to know what is happening without either.

Very likely it has something to do with the textures in the SketchUp file although it could be something else related to the geometry… Sharing the LayOut file would be a big help. Dropbox works if it’s bigger than 3mb. If it isn’t bigger than 3mb, you can upload it here.

Rendering as Hybrid won’t result in higher res textures. It only converts the edges to vector lines.

Thanks for your responses.

Here are links to the layout file and the sketchup file.

I set up 3D scenes in Sketchup and only one of them was successfully rendered as hybrid in Layout. I brought in the other 3D scenes and layout could handle them in raster but then when I tried to make one of them hybrid, it crashed and I was unable to save the work. Only the first one is there as I had saved it earlier.

Also, not sure why the layout file is so much larger than the Sketchup file when only one of the 3D scenes was brought over to Layout. (You’ll see some other 2D scenes from a different Sketchup file in the Layout file as well.)

Let me know if you have any trouble viewing these files or if you need anything else.



Downloading the LO file now. No need to supply the SKP file separately. It is included in the LayOut file.

Dropbox link to the files placed on the Sketchup forum post.



The reason the LO file is so large is because it contains 7 different SKP files. Only one of them seems to displayed in the file you uploaded, though.

Looks to me as if the main slow down is due to all the edges. You could reduce the time involved in rendering with the materials show if you used a texture for parts like the roofing instead of drawing the standing seams as geometry.

I saved this Layout file as a “save as” over an old file from a different project so I could keep the same settings. Is it possible that the files from the old project are still in the new saved file (hidden somehow) for this project? Would that be causing the application to drag while working on the new project file? Should I start a new file from scratch for this project? Or is it just texture issues?

Also, is there a way to delete some of the edges that are creating the contours of the ground in the drawing without having to redraw the whole ground?

Thanks for your help


Highly likely since simply deleting the old viewports or relinking to a new file doesn’t purge old ones. Go To file>Document Setup>References and select the old files. Then click on Purge.

It might but I doubt it since those files aren’t being referred to during the rendering. Still, it’s best to clean out the unneeded references.

That wouldn’t hurt if your template is clean. Might be worth checking to see that your default template doesn’t contain unneeded references, too.

I expect it’s more caused by the excess edges. You could try hiding some of those edges that don’t show and see if that helps.

You could hide the edges so they aren’t visible but are still doing their job of creating the terrain. Or do you even need the contours? Maybe you good delete all of the contours.

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