Layout MacOS High Sierra crashing when trying to render scenes as Hybrid

Attached SketchUp file consistently crashes in Layout when trying to render scenes as Hybrid. Item 2 seems to be the culprit as scenes “Item 1 - Pict” and “Item 3 - Pict” will render as Hybrid on their own. Tried eliminating components in Item 2 in an attempt to fix but still having problems.

Additionally, trying to export scenes from SketchUp as pdf files also consistently causes crashes.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Model.skp (1.9 MB)

Could this be a memory issue with Hybrid rendering? When I divide a large scene (that crashes when rendered as Hybrid) into smaller scenes, the smaller scenes render as Hybrid without issue - see attached Layout file - Scenes on Top of Each Other.

Scenes on Top of Each Other.layout (1.2 MB)

I have been having an issue very much like this since transferring to SU/LO 2018. It seemed to be to do with components downloaded from the Warehouse. I never identified which but drawings that only used components I created did not have the same problem.

The techie guys did start looking at the issue but i don’t know if they got anywhere with it. I haven’t looked at your drawing so cannot say if you have suspect components.

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